Day View

In this article, you can learn how to use the Time Application in Day view mode. 

How to switch to the Day View

Select the Day position on the switcher next to the Calendar icon. 


How to add/delete a new Task row

  • Click on the New Row +   button.



  • Enter the name of the Task you want to add to this day in the search field.



You can delete the Task row from the list by selecting the delete icon.

Hover over the Task row you wish to delete and the delete icon will appear. Clicking on it, will delete the Task from this day’s schedule. The reported time and comments of this day will also be deleted. You cannot delete a Completed Task row.

How to Add a New Task

  • When no results show up in your search for a task, you will be prompted to create a New Task.



  • Select the Create a New task link that appears.



  • Enter a new Task Name, select a Project you want to add the new task to, and define the Start and End Dates.


  • Click on the Save button to save changes.


How to complete an assignment

You can mark an assignment as completed by ticking the checkbox next to the corresponding Task row. You cannot add reported time or comments to a Completed task.




How to add Reported Time

  • Choose the day you want to add reported time to. 



  • Next to the New row + button, select the Add [task number] tasks assigned to me link. The newly created Tasks will be added to the list in real time.




  • Fill the Time field of the Task row you want to add reported time to. The Daily Totals value at the bottom right corner displays the total hours reported for that day.
  • Your data will be saved automatically. The task’s Reported time will be displayed on its row.


How to add, edit and delete a comment to a Task

  • Hover over the row of the Task you wish to add a comment to. 
  • Select the bubble icon . Enter a Title for the comment.



  • Enter the desired comment and click on the Post button. Even in inactive mode, a Task’s comments will be displayed by a bubble icon on the right of the task row.



  • To edit a comment, hover over the Task row and click on the bubble icon . Make the necessary changes and click on the Post button.


  • To delete a comment hover over the Task row and select the delete icon .
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