Human Resources

In this article, you can learn how to create, manage, edit and remove Human resources. Once you add a Human resource, they cannot be deleted. You can simply revoke them if they are not needed in any current projects.   

How to add a Human resource

Select the New Human Resource +  button on the working area of the Human resources page.



  • Fill in the following fields of the Human resource card that opens :
    • First name –  resource’s first name;
    • Last name –  resource’s last name;
    • Resource ID – the unique ID of the person can be designated by you based on corporate definitions;
    • Email –  unique personal email that cannot be edited;
    • Location – the location of the person can be selected from the dropdown list. Optional field;
    • Mobile Phone – optional field;
    • Resource type – required field, must be selected from the dropdown list. The Standard user is the Human resource type by default;
    • Cost rate – optional field;
    • Billable rate – required. The default value will be taken from the Resource type rate but can be modified and saved specifically for this Human resource;
    • Skills – optional field;
    • Responsible – select from the dropdown list the Human resource responsible for this Human resource. There can only be one at a time;


Click on the Save button to save the Human resource card.

How to edit a Human resource

You can choose the desired Status by selecting one from the dropdown menu next to the Human resource name at the top of the working area. The list of Status options available are:



  • Pending – the human resource is not assigned to any task in any Project
  • Active – the human resource is assigned to at least one Project
  • Revoked – the human resource is no longer available. The Revoked human resource is displayed in the projects and tasks in which it collaborated on.

The Active status can only be set once the email has been confirmed.

You cannot change the status of the Company creator.

  • You can edit the following values on the Human resource card:
  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Resource ID;
  • Location;
  • Mobile Phone;
  • Resource type – if you change the Resource type, the Billable rate and currency will be automatically updated;
  • Cost rate;
  • Billable rate;
  • Currency;
  • Skills;
  • Responsible.


You can define the access to applications for the Human resource. Tick the apps you wish this user to have access to from the Apps access section on the right.



You can set permissions on the System permissions section. Tick the Ability to create projects checkbox to set this permission. 



Tick the Admin checkbox to grant Admin rights to this Human resource. You cannot select both options.



To save changes, click on the Save button. To go back to the Human resources list, select the Back to the resources list link right under the Human Resource card title.


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