Intro to Project App

The Project App is the hub of the information from the Task App, Time App, and Resource App. Any information changing in this application will be automatically synchronized with all linked applications and vice versa. Any changes you do in the Task App, Time App, and Resource App will be synchronized and displayed in the Project App. Here you can create projects, edit projects, and delete projects. All created projects will be organized into the Project List.

How to create a Project

You can click on the Create Project button below or icon Project, placed on the page’s upper side from the home page.



You will be redirected to the Project Page. Here is the list of all projects which were created in this company. You can sort them by Project names, Status, Ownership, Team working on the project, Start Date, End Date, and Last modified date.


How to sort the projects list view

You should use the dropdown menu on the left navigation sidebar. The project list will be displayed regarding project status: Draft, In Progress, Archives, Completed, and Canceled. Also, you can go back to the All projects view. In this case, all projects will be displayed regardless of their status.


How to search for a project by name

You should select the Search icon on the left sidebar and start typing the project name.



How to review the selected project

You should click on the project row or square, and the Project details page will open.


How to switch between list view and card view

You should select an icon   on the upper right pages’ corner. 



How to hide completed or canceled projects

You should select three drops icon and choose the Hide completed projects or Hide canceled projects link.


How to change how many lines are displayed in the view

You should choose the shown rows number by dropdown menu in the lower right corner. 


How to make your page view wider

You should select an arrow icon on the lower left corner of the sidebar. The sidebar will be collapsed.


How to choose the columns to display

  • select any column name



  • select columns you need to display



  • Click the Apply button


How to change projects status:

  • select project row you need change



  • choose the status dropdown menu on the upper position near the title of the project



  • select the row with a new status you need to apply


How to delete a project

  • select the project row or square you need to delete;



  • select three dots icon   on the upper right corner and choose to Delete link.



Please note, any project with reported time can’t be deleted. Also, the project with Archived status can’t be deleted too.

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