Document Types Setup (v8.xx)

Document Types Setup (v8.xx)

Once the list of document types is added to the keywords & labels document, an entry for each type is added to the ‘Document types’ section.

All of the Geniusproject standard documents will appear in the list, as well as the types added from the keywords & labels document. If workflows have already been defined, they can now be associated to a specific document type.

To define the settings for each document type:

locate the type in the list and open the document




Name of the document type as it was entered in the 'Keywords & Labels' setup document.

Standard type

Computed. Indicates that the document type is a standard document. Non-editable.

Associated workflow

Selection field used to set the associated workflow, if any. The Workflow setup documents must be created in advance.

Creation of documents

'Yes', 'No' or ‘With a template only’.

If 'No', documents of this type cannot be created directly. This is useful to force the use of document templates for this type of document. See the principles for Document templates for more information.


Free text section for comments

Reference number


Will the document reference number be generated automatically; yes or no

Mandatory field

Is the reference number field mandatory field; yes or no

Number format

Define the number formatting for the reference number using

Field Description

any of the formulas displayed in the tool tip

Key format Define the key formatting for the reference number using any of the formulas displayed in the tool tip

New number after conversion Specify if "Yes" or "No" a new reference number should be

assigned after a document type conversion

Once the parameters have been defined for a document type, it is now possible to create a template to apply to it. A single document type can have multiple templates i.e. if ‘contract’ is a document type, an organization can have a sales contract, a maintenance contract, etc...

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