Manage Task Cards

In this article, you can learn how to manage Task cards in the Agile (Kanban) project. The Task card can be created in the column on the Kanban board. The Task card contains information about the Task: Task name, Task description, Start date, End date, Who is working on this task, Task type, Task priority, Name of the owner, Attachments (not required), and Progress info.

How to add Kanban task card

You can add Kanban task cards on the Kanban columns by clicking on the + icon straight under the column’s name. You should:

  • Select the Task name field and enter the Task name



  • Select the Start Date



  • Select the End Date (Start Date cannot be later than the End Date)



  • To define Project resources, select Who is working on the project? (not required)



  • Click the Create Task button.


What is displayed on the Task Card

A newly added Task card is displayed on the column’s top with a preview of the last attachment, the Task name, Task priority, Assignee icons, End date, and Reported time / Planned effort



Long names will be displayed partially.



An overdue End date is displayed in red.



The icons of the Task assignees are displayed on the Task card.



If any of the assignees already completed their assignment, there will be a Green circle around their icon.



The Reported time / Planned effort is displayed on the Task card to the right of the Assignee icons and the End date. If no Reported time / Planned effort values have been plugged in yet then it will display as 0/0 h; if there is no assignment, Reported time / Planned effort will NOT be displayed.



If the Task priority has been defined, it will be displayed.



The preview image of last attached file will automatically be set as the cover of the Task card.



Hovering over the Task card will highlight the Task name and cause the three dots icon   to appear.



You can delete the Task card by clicking on the three dots icon and selecting the Delete option. The Task card will be deleted if there is no reported time.



You can open the Task card in the Kanban application by clicking on the three dots icon and selecting the View details option.



On the opened the Task card page, you can click on the Back to Kanban board link at any time to return to the Kanban board.



Completed and Cancelled tasks will be highlighted in grey.



You can change the order of the Task cards within a column simply by dragging them. The changes will be automatically saved.



You can also drag Task cards between Kanban columns. The changes will be automatically saved.



The number of tasks per column and the Total Reported time / Planned effort will automatically be updated.

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