Manage Columns

In this article, you can learn how to manage columns on the Kanban board. The columns To do, Doing, and Done have been created on the Kanban board by default. This is a basic structure to organise Tasks by their progress status. You can add edit column names, add additional columns and switch column places by dragging them. The number of tasks in any one column is displayed next to the column name. To the right the number of hours planned / hours reported are displayed next to the clock icon  

How to add a column

Click on the + Add column button to the right of the Done column.



Enter the required Name column field and click on the Add column button. You can use  latin letters, cyrillic script, numbers and special characters for a length ranging from minimum 1 to maximum 256 characters. Adding a column increases the page’s width to the right, and a scroll appears at the bottom of the page.


How to edit a column name

You can edit a column name by clicking on the three dots icon next to any column name.  Select the Edit name option. Make the desired changes then simply click outside of the Column name field and all changes will automatically be saved. 


How to delete a column

You can delete any column on the Kanban board: both the default columns as well as the ones you have added. 

Click on the three dots icon and select Delete column from the dropdown menu



If a Task card is not tied to a column, the column will be removed immediately. If a Task card is attached to a column, a warning will appear in a popup window.



Note: you cannot delete all the columns. There must be a minimum of one column at all times.

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