Intro to Kanban App

Kanban is a system of planning and managing agile projects. A Kanban board presents project work items as Kanban task cards. It is an interactive planning space for you to view and track workload and progress. Updating statuses by drag & drop is fast and simple; much like moving sticky notes on a physical whiteboard.

How to switch to the Kanban application

There are three ways to switch to the Kanban application:


  • From the Home page, select the Kanban icon 



  • From the Main menu, select the Kanban icon



  • From the New Project page, select Kanban type project


    • Click the New Project button on the All projects view of the Project App;



    • Choose  project type Agile (Kanban) 



All your Agile (Kanban) projects will be displayed on the Kanban application’s All Agile Projects page.


How to change the view of All Agile Projects page

  • Select the Card view icon on the upper right corner of the page.



  • Click on the three dots icon on the upper right corner to display the completed/cancelled projects only.



  • Select arrow icon on the bottom left corner to collapse the left sidebar and make the screen view wider.



  • Select the dropdown menu on the bottom right corner to select the number of projects shown on the page.



  • Select the arrow icon   on the bottom right corner to switch between pages.



  • Select three dots icon   next to the column names and choose the columns you wish to have displayed from the dropdown menu. Click the Apply button to apply changes.



  • Select the status of the projects you wish to display on the sidebar menu.



  • Select the search icon  on the sidebar menu to search a project by name. Search will be performed among Agile(Kanban) projects in the Kanban app only.


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