Intro & Navigation

Cerri is an enterprise project and task management collaboration software that helps teams organize, plan and communicate. Cerri is composed of individual applications that are interconnected and integrated into a common system. The planning approach that Cerri offers is based on a hierarchical structure and permissions access system.   All integrated features are easily accessible by a web browser and do not require additional software implementation. All tools you may need for powerful project management are integrated into the system and designed to maximize effectiveness. Cerri is designed to manage both project development methodologies: Waterfall and Agile.

Choosing a company when entering the system

Each user can create their own company, or be involved in several companies. The user can select the company they want to work on when logging in:



Once in the system, you can also switch between companies:

  • Click on the Switch Company icon



  • Select the company you want to switch to from the list



  • You can then access any app from the company’s home page



  • You can also switch between applications using the navigation menu.



  • Select and click on the desired application


Selective access to applications

Depending on the access granted to you, some applications may be blocked.


Default set of applications

By default, each user has access to the following applications:

  • Task
  • Project
  • Time
  • Kanban

Access to these applications does not depend on the user’s role and the administrator cannot restrict them.

Permission-based navigation

For each human resource, the administrator can specify the user’s rights and which applications should be available to them:



The project information available to a user will depend on the role assigned to them within the project. For example, if you are not a Project owner or Project manager, you will not have access to progress tracking, adding resources, etc.


Information Hub

Cerri’s central concept is data synchronization between system applications. In practice, it means that the information from the applications is synchronized and updated in real-time. It allows you to work on joint projects, tasks, and reports simultaneously and always plan based on the latest data.



While working with Gantt, Time, Task or any of Cerri’s application, you can rest assured that the information you have is up to date. Regardless of which application was used to create a task, all the data will automatically and instantly be synchronized throughout the system.



The Project application, as the information hub of the system, was designed to classify information swiftly. At any given moment, you can see all project data in one place; all data flows are collected there. Incoming data is displayed and organized conveniently for you to easily find, modify, manage, and operate it as needed. 



The unified ID system ensures creating a unified database of projects, tasks, assignments and resources.



A task created in Task, Gantt, Time or Kanban will also become available in the Project application as soon as it is made.


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