Resource Types and Rates

Resource Types are used to categorize resources in the Resource App. Human resource Rates are set according to resource types. This article will help you learn how to create, name, edit and delete resource types, and establish resource type rates.

How to create a new Resource Type

Select the Company Settings/Resource Types and Rates link;

  • Click on the Add Resource Types and Rates button;
  • Enter the requested data into the fields for the new Resource Type; 
  • Click on the Save button.


All the fields for the creation of a new resource are required. You need to define the Resource type, the Billable rate (rate per hour), and select the Currency type from the dropdown menu. Standard user with rate “0” is the default type.  


How to edit a Resource Type

You can edit any of the Resource Type fields: 

  • Select the resource type you wish to edit;
  • Select the Edit icon and enter the desired new data into the corresponding fields; 
  • Click the Save button to save changes.


How to delete a Resource Type

To delete a Resource type:

  • Select the resource type you wish to delete;
  • Click the Delete icon that appears.



If any Human resource (user) is connected to a resource type, it cannot be deleted.

If no Human resource (user) is connected to a resource type, it will be deleted.

An error message will appear when you attempt to delete a resource type that is connected to a Human resource:  “Resource type is assigned to human resource.”


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