The Task Card

Every task has a task card, which is basically a view of a task’s complete vital information.


To open a task’s card all you need to do is double click on a task.


As far as permissions go; you will be able to open the task card for any task that appears on your view, but you will need the necessary permission level to edit it.


Learn about the different elements of the task card and what you can do with them.

Task General Information

Project Name indicates the project a task belongs to.

  • In Project App a new task will automatically be attributed the name of the project it was created in

  • In Task App it can be chosen at the creation of the task or later never (if not applicable)

  • To assign the task to a project later you can drag it from the main task list in Task App home to the desired project on the left menu.

  • The project name can only be modified by the task owner and only if there are no assignees.


Task Name indicates the name given to the task.

  • The minimum information a task requires to be created

  • Can be modified by the project owner, the task creator or assignee.


Start and End dates indicate the date a task should be started and completed by.

  • If not specified the date of creation will be the default dates given.

  • Can be modified by the project owner, the task creator or assignee.

  • To modify just click on the date by Start and End


Task Description is information provided about the task

  • Remains as No description provided if no further information or explanation was given.

  • To modify simply click in that area and start typing freely.

  • Text formatting options automatically appear as you type.


Task Status & Progress

Task Completion to indicate when a task has been completed.

  • To mark a task as completed just click on the little box icon on the left of the Task name.

  • A green tick will appear on the box and the task card will close automatically.


Status indicates at which stage of completion the task is.

  • Default status on task creation is Queued.

  • To change it, click on Queued and select status from the popup menu: In Progress, On Hold, Done or Blocked.

  • Statuses are colour-coded for easier visualization of general task statuses


Time & Effort shows the Planned, Actual and Remaining hours required to complete the task.

  • When creating the task or at any given time you can indicate the Planned number of hours that are needed by clicking on the area at the top right of the task card, and adding/subtracting total number of hours.

  • During the realisation of the task, the Actual number of hours spent on the task can be updated at any time by clicking on the arrows and adding/subtracting total number of hours.

  • The Remaining hours will automatically be calculated according to the Planned and Actual values.

  • The remaining time will visually be update as a percentage bar below the values.


High priority allows you to underline the task’s urgency

  • Click on the flag icon at the top right corner of the card to indicate if a task is High Priority.

  • A red flag outline indicates a task is high priority.


Task Collaboration

Assignees indicates who the task is assigned to

  • To add assignees click on the figure and ‘+’ icon on the right side of the card by Assignees.

  • In the pop up search the user(s) you wish to assign the task for.

  • You can also select yourself if you want to assign a task to yourself only, or with other users.

  • As soon as you select at least 1 assignee you will be asked if you would like a reminder on this task. If you do, just click on Select and choose the date you wish to be reminded of this task on.

  • Click the blue Assign button to confirm and to generate a notification sent to the assigned users.

  • Assignees can be added by the task owner, contributor, observer and guest.


Attached Files are the files that are attached to the task

  • Files that have been added to a task will appear under the Attached Files tab on the right side of the task card.

  • These can be Downloaded, Previewed or Deleted (depending on your permission rights) by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the right side of each file name.


Tags are used to label tasks to help organise, identify and search more easily for them  

  • Tags can be created as needed and a task can have one, many or no tags.

  • To add a tag click on the Tags tab and fill out the desired tag in the Add tag text box that opens.

  • Single tags must not contain any spaces. A space will separate  a tag into two or can be used to list more than one.

  • Press enter to confirm


Activity view lists all the actions/modifications that took place on the task in chronological order

  • You can scroll up and down to review all changes that were made, and by who, from the creation of the task to the present.

  • To skip to the latest activity when the list is long, simply click on Jump to Last Comment, which will appear above the comment box.

  • You can select what you want to view by clicking All at the bottom right corner of the view and selecting if you want to see All modifications or only Comments or only Activities.


Adding Comments directly to tasks to communicate with other assignee(s)

  • You can add a comment to a task by clicking on Start typing here on the comment box at the bottom of the card.

  • Pressing Enter will send the comment which will be posted on the Activity view.

  • Your comment can be viewed by all users contributing on this task and all project team members.


Adding Files directly to a task

  • You can add a file directly to a task at any time by clicking the green paperclip icon at the bottom of the card.

  • Select if you want to upload a file from your device or add a file from a link and follow the steps.   

  • The file will appear on the right of the card under Attached Files as well as under the corresponding project’s Files category in Project App.


Task Card Actions

To open the task card in a new tab click on Link icon at the top right-hand corner of the card.



To close the task card view click on the ‘x’ icon.



To shrink the task card view so that you can see both your main view (list of tasks) as well as the task card, click on the rectangle with arrow icon.

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