Intro to Projects

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Project App

All your active projects (whether you are the creator of or participating in) appear on the homepage of your Project App.

Basic project information is displayed for an instant overview : name, last modification date, status and team members (the leftmost user being the project owner). As well as shortcuts to export or, if you are the owner, to add team members or archive the project.

The projects are automatically organised chronologically for you according to most recent use. You also have the option to sort them out alphabetically and filter by status.

All projects can be exported to view overall project performance.

Once you enter a project, project data is grouped into the following categories:

  • Activity: View the history of all modifications made to the project and their author.

  • Files: View all uploaded files and file links linked to the project. Members can download files. Project owners and leaders can also upload files here.

  • Tasks: View all tasks linked to the project. Project owners, leaders and contributors can also create project tasks directly here.

  • Team: View the team members participating in the project and their roles. Project owner can modify roles or add/remove team members here.

  • Project Detail: View the summarized project fact sheet showing owner, timeline, status, description and progress. This information can also be exported.


Task App

All projects are listed alphabetically in your Task App under Projects. Only Project tasks can be viewed here and depending on your permission level you will see all project tasks or only the ones you created or that were assigned to you.

Projects can also be created here directly.

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