Navigating Cerri

Each app is dedicated to an area of project management. They work independently but are interconnected so that you can work on what you need to and know everything will be updated and synced for you in the background. All the tools you need are in a single environment.


What is the Project App for?

  • Create, share and view all your projects and projects you are a member of

  • Create/view project description

  • Track project activity

  • Store and manage project files

  • View all project tasks

  • Assign permissions

  • Export projects

What is the Task App for?

  • Create and assign tasks

  • Manage all your tasks and tasks assigned to you by timeline or project

  • Track assigned tasks

  • Create projects and unavailabilities

What is the Calendar App for?

  • Manage visually when you want to work on which of your tasks

  • View your task workload by day or week

  • Option to also view your Google and/or Outlook calendars

How do I switch from one app to another?

Switching between the Project, Task and Calendar apps in Cerri is the key to managing all of your projects efficiently.

  • Move your mouse over the coloured area with the app name at the top left corner of your Cerri screen (regardless of what app you are in)

  • The app name will turn to Cerri apps with a grid logo beside it – click on it

  • A pop up will appear showing the family of apps

  • Click on the app you’d like to switch to

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