Creating projects

Find out how to easily create a project without switching between apps

How to create a project from the Project App?

  • Click on the green button New Project on the upper right of your Project App home page

  • Enter a Project Name (required) and the Start Date, End Date and Project Description (these can also be filled out later)

  • Click on Create a New Project

  • On the next page that opens choose the team member(s) you want to invite to participate on the project (optional) by clicking on the tick sign by their name

  • Once the tick turns green, the role Contributor will appear, click on it and choose from the list the role you want to attribute to the project member: Guest, Observer, Contributor or Lead.

  • Once you are done adding members click on the green button at the bottom Send Invitation (or, if you prefer not to add any members, directly click on the Skip button at the bottom)

  • Confirmation that your invitation(s) were sent will appear. Click on Done and your new project will be visible from the Home view, along with whoever is assigned to it, whether it’s On Track or Late, and when it was last modified.

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