Emailing Tasks

You can create tasks by sending emails to Cerri. 

Setup your email to task address

  • Click on your Avatar in top right hand corner of your Cerri screen
  • Go to Edit Profile
  • Copy your Email to Task Address on the right side of the screen
  • Open your preferred Email Mailbox Account (Outlook, Gmail, Lotus, etc.)
  • Create a New Contact
  • Paste the Email to Task Address you had copied
  • Save the email address as a New Contact (for example: ‘emailtotask’)



Keep your email to task address private

Setup your ’emailtotask’ address as a contact in your email client and keep it private.

  • When sending or forwarding an existing email to another user, add your ’emailtotask’ address in the BCC Field Only.

  • If you enter your ’emailtotask’ address in the TO or CC fields, the system will automatically renew your ’emailtotask’ address; and you will receive an email notification advising you of this change.

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