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How to synchronize Outlook calendar with Cerri

This two-way calendar synchronization will allow you to see events from your Outlook calendar in your Cerri scheduler, and vice versa.

Outlook calendar will be imported as READ ONLY into Cerri. Calendar synchronization does not support recurring and/or all day events. Calendar synchronization for Outlook requires Office 365 or Exchange Hybrid server.

Two-way calendar synchronization

Cerri scheduler to Outlook calendar

  • Every entry made in the scheduler will appear in your synced Outlook calendar
  • All the information in your task card such as task name, start date, end date, effort, project name and description will be pushed to your Outlook calendar
  • Any changes made in scheduler will be reflected in your calendar in real time

Outlook calendar synced to Cerri scheduler

  • Every event created in your Outlook calendar will appear in your Cerri scheduler
  • The information from your calendar event, such as title, event type, date and duration will be pushed to your Cerri scheduler
  • Any changes made in calendar will be reflected in your scheduler in real time

Connect Outlook calendar with Cerri

Only items from the calendar that are planned for the future at that instant will be imported into your Cerri, with the following information: time, date, title, description

  • Click on your Avatar in the top right-hand corner of your screen
  • Select Profile Settings
  • Click on Calendar Synchronization in the left-hand menu
  • Click Connect next to Outlook
  • Enter your Email Address and Password
  • Click on Yes for “Let this app access your info?”
  • Wait a few minutes for calendars to synchronize

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