Quick Start Guide

Here are some of the things you can do right away to start making Cerri work for you.

Free Your Mind of To-dos

Use the Inbox to make a list of all those tasks that need to get done but perhaps don’t have a project right now.

Setup Your Email to Task Address

Set up your Cerri email address to send tasks to your inbox and assign them to others right from your email.

Create and Share Your First Project

Simply click “New” and create your first project. Give it a deadline if you wish and then click  (share project icon) Share project to start inviting people to work with you.

Assign Tasks to Others and Follow-Up

After you’ve created a task, click the assign button (assign Icon) to choose a person or people to assign it to. You can follow up on who’s doing what in the “Assigned to” folder and via your notifications

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