How to assign tasks

Learn how to assign tasks inline, from the mobile app, and using the Cerri plugin, including assigning tasks to yourself.

Permission Based Feature

In order to assign tasks within a project you have to be the Project Owner or have “Edit” or “Create” permission.You also have the ability to assign tasks to yourself, so team members know what tasks you’re working on.


This can be done in Task and Central App.

Note: When you assign tasks from Task App, the task moves into the “Assigned to” folder. To get an overview of all the tasks in a project, click on Central app, select your project and click on Tasks. To show/hide completed tasks in the list, click […] on the top bar and select  “Show completed tasks” or “Hide completed tasks.”

  • Right click on Task Line(s)
  • Select Assign
  • Start typing the User’s name or email address, or your own
  • Option to select the appropriate user from the Drop down menu
  • Click on Assign

From Cerri Mobile App

  • Login to your Cerri iOS Mobile App
  • Click on Projects
  • Select the Project
  • Select the Task
  • Click on Assign To
  • Start typing the User’s name or email address, or your own
  • Option to select the appropriate user from the Drop-down menu
  • Under Reminder, choose a date to have the system send you a reminder for this assigned task
  • Click on Assign in top right corner of your screen

From Email

Cerri lets you quickly convert emails into assigned tasks by forwarding or sending an email directly to your Cerri ’emailtotask’ contact address.

Using your Cerri email address

  • Click on your Avatar in top right hand corner of your Cerri screen
  • Go to Profile Settings
  • Copy your Email to Task Address
  • Open your Email Client (Outlook, Gmail, Lotus, etc.)
  • Create New Contact
  • Paste this Email to Task Address
  • Save email address as a New Contact (suggested name ’emailtotask’)

How to convert emails into assigned tasks

  • Send New or Forward existing email to assignee’s email address and “BCC” your ’emailtotask’ contact (email address)
  • Task will arrive in your Task App “Assigned to” folder, and the assignee’s Task App Inbox.

Note: If you try assigning a task to someone who’s not a Cerri user, you will receive a notification with an error message. In order to complete task assignment, this user needs to be invited to your company’s Cerri environment.

Using Cerri plugin

Take an existing email and send it to Cerri as an assigned task; select a project, set the due date and choose the assignee.

Gmail and Microsoft Outlook Plugin

  • Select the Email you would like to convert into an assigned task
  • Click on the Cerri Plugin at the top of your email
  • Click on Convert Email to Task
  • A popup will appear with the following fields: Task name, Project, Due Date, Assign to and task description
  • The email subject will become the Task Name (you have the option to edit this field)
  • The email content will become the Task Description
  • Enter the name of the person you want to Assign the Task to
  • Click Add Task to send this task to Cerri

Download the plugin here


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