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How to add files to a project

Learn how to attach a single file and multiple files from the mobile app and using the Cerri plugin.

Permission Based Feature

In order to attach files you have to be the Project Owner or have “Edit” permission.

In Task App

Attach a file to a task in a few easy steps.

  • Click on the Task Line
  • Open Task Card by double clicking on the task line or clicking on this icon Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.20.11 AM
  • Under Attached files, click on Attach File
  • Choose From Computer
  • Select the File and press Open 
  • To attach Multiple Files, repeat the last three steps for each file

Pro User Tip for task and central app:

  • Click on the File 
  • Drag the File
  • Hover over the task you want to attach the file to
  • Watch the file attach itself

In Central App

  • Open the Project in left-hand menu
  • Attach files to a task as described above for adding files to task in task app
  • Or, click on Files and then Add File
  • Select Browse files, link files or drag the file
  • Click Upload file

From Cerri Mobile App

  • Login to your Cerri iOS Mobile App
  • Click on the Task you want to attach files to
  • Go to Attached Files
  • Click on Add in the top right corner of your screen
  • Choose From Library
  • Select the File and press Open

From Email

Using your Cerri email address

Note: Task must be part of a project in order for the files to be added to a project

  • Click on your Avatar in top right hand corner of your Cerri screen
  • Go to Profile Settings
  • Copy your Email to Task Address
  • Open your Email Client (Outlook, Gmail, Lotus, etc.)
  • Create New Contact
  • Paste this Email to Task Address
  • Save email address as a New Contact (suggested name ’emailtotask’)
  • Send New or Forward existing email to your ’emailtotask’ contact (email address) or to assignee’s email address and “BCC” your ’emailtotask’ contact (email address)
  • Select the Email Attachments
  • Select the Email Attachments to be attached to the task description and to be stored in Files section

Using Cerri plugin

Add the Cerri plugin to Outlook or Gmail to convert emails into tasks that are attached to projects. The email subject will become the task title and the body of the email and any attachments will be added as the description of the new task.

Gmail and Microsoft Outlook Plugin

  • Select the Email you would like to convert into a task
  • Click on the Cerri Plugin at the top of your email
  • Click on Convert Email to Task
  • A popup will appear with the following fields: Task name, Project, Due Date, Assign to and task description
  • Select the Project
  • The email subject will become the Task Name (you have the option to edit this field)
  • The email content will become the Task Description
  • Select the Email Attachments to be attached to the task description and to be stored in Files section
  • Click Add Task to send this task to your Cerri project

Download the plugin here


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